• Tyler Kaschke

Getting back to work

This summer was a truly unprecedented slowdown and I'm happy to see my calendar filling up with production work again. Some of the first to safely get back to business were rural manufacturers.

These are a few of my favorite frames from a recent shoot in Casper, Wyoming.

I'm pretty proud of this image. Big skies, open space, and a pickup truck cruising into the distance. Wyoming in a nutshell.

I've been trying to challenge myself by composing on a tripod – especially on shoots with access to minimal lighting equipment .

Quite impressed with the 12 bit 444 color space of the C300 Mark II. Those shadows and highlights really hold up - even in a low-res .gif export!

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance director of photography, cinematographer, and camera operator working with commercial and corporate clients in the front range of Colorado servicing the area around Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.