• Tyler Kaschke

Ice Fishing in Wisconsin

It's been a year since my wife and I left our home in Chicago. I knew I was leaving behind a talented network of friends and colleagues when we decided to move to Colorado, but I've been keeping in touch with some that I'm sure will be lifelong friends.

These are some photos from a recent ice fishing trip in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We only caught three fish in two days (pretty sure we actually caught one fish twice) so there was a fair amount of down time between to catch up and discuss our favorite lighting setups and latest industry tech.

Group pic with our derpy snowperson.

Jon Hamblin is a freelance director of photography in Chicago and all around cool guy

Joel Pearish is the director at Volume One in Eau Claire and doesn't take guff from anybody

Sean Kelly is a talented director + DP in Chicago and shot a feature film recently that looks pretty neat

Jon captured a really great expression on my face in this moment

I never really liked pushing hooks through these little guys

Joel picked up a nine person shanty for just such an occasion. He was a gracious host!

The light in the shanty had some really stunning qualities

Joel keeps an eye on the line as every fish swims past his lure

It was a gray Wisconsin day. Midwest winters could use more sunlight, if you ask me.

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance director of photography and camera operator working with commercial and corporate clients in the front range of Colorado servicing the area around Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

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