• Tyler Kaschke

Mycelium and the Future of Protein

I had the opportunity to be director of photography for David Gorvy and Matt Newberg on an interesting project recently. They're producing a show about the future of food production and how technology is impacting our relationship with what we eat. David and Matt traveled to the front range of Colorado from NYC to visit renowned chef and farm-to-table trailblazer, Bradford Heap - owner of Salt Bistro in Boulder. Bradford has been incorporating meat-alternatives in his menu for years, but Meati is a little different than the rest.

Unlike its competitors which deliver a ground meat replacement to be made into burgers, Meati takes the place of steaks and other whole cuts. What makes Meati especially interesting is that it's not plant-based at all. It comes from fungi - that's another kingdom. Mycelium is essentially the underground root system that mushrooms grow in. It's a very protein and nutrient dense substrate that can grow quickly in the right conditions. We spoke with Meati creator, Tyler Huggins at length about his vision for the company at an epic mountaintop location overlooking Boulder Valley. I was able to try some Meati steaks on the grill and the texture was surprisingly similar to something between a beef steak and chicken breast.

I think what they're doing is extremely important as our global food demand increases and it was exciting to learn about such a cool company located in my own back yard. I'm looking forward to seeing the final piece once David has finished editing it.

For now, here's a look behind the scenes.

Chef Bradford Heap

We shot the intro sequence with the Canon C300II, a Rokinon Xeen 16mm cine lens (32mm after accounting for the 2x crop to shoot at 120fps), and lit with a Skypanel S60-C with a 40 degree grid from the back and side to enhance the moody feeling.

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance director of photography and camera operator working with commercial and corporate clients in the front range of Colorado servicing the area around Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.