• Tyler Kaschke

The Land of Neil Young & Canadian Bacon

It may not be apparent by looking at the advertising work on my portfolio, but I feel right at home in heavy industrial facilities. I've been the director of photography for Manufacturing Marvels - a segment that airs on FOX Business - for the last five years. Since starting that gig, I've shot in nearly 100 different manufacturing plants all across the United States. So when Ben Edwards of ContextWest contacted me with this assignment, I was already familiar with the approach.

The difference this time around is that we would be shooting in Toronto, Canada. Flying out of Denver International Airport is extremely convenient, but crossing the Canadian border with film equipment can be tricky without ATA Carnet. Being short on time, we opted to rent most of the gear locally instead of dealing with customs at the border. 2D House was an amazing rental shop near the Toronto airport and I would highly recommend working with them. We picked up a Canon C300 Mark II, a LiteMat Plus 4, a tripod, and some other accessories.

This project presented its own unique challenges. Namely, time. We had to be light and nimble to capture all the interviews and b-roll Ian Marks would need for the edit. Stripping down the camera to its bones and shooting handheld allowed me to move more quickly between b-roll setups. The LiteMat Plus 4 was an easy choice because it is lightweight, bi-color, and bright. The quality of light with the poly skirt and a grid is just outstanding for the price.

I'm always amazed at the scale of operations like this

Here I am shooting some big metal thing getting picked up by a crane.

Tyler Kaschke is a freelance director of photography and camera operator working with commercial and corporate clients in the front range of Colorado servicing the area around Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

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